ADYN-Seminar Recordings



  Tiger-Lily Goldsmith
Being an Influencer is Hard:  The Complexity of Influence Maximization in Temporal Graphs with Fixed Source
Jul 3rd, 2023
  Elias Pitschmann
Prophet Inequalities over Time
Jul 3rd, 2023
  Tim Koglin
Information Design for Congestion Games with Unknown Demand
Jun 12th, 2023
  Paul Duetting
Multi-Agent Contracts
Jun 12th, 2023
  Hung Tran
Certifying Induced Subgraphs in Large Graphs
May 8th, 2023
  Ulrik Brandes
Computational Study of Collective Behavior: The Case of Association Football (Soccer)
May 8th, 2023
  Lukas Rasmus Hintze
Dynamic Averaging Load Balancing on Arbitrary Graphs
Apr 24th, 2023
  Andrea W. Richa
Algorithmic Programmable Matter: From Local Markov Chains to “Dumb” Robots
Apr 24th, 2023
  Catherine Greenhill
Triangle Switches, Reconstruction and Mixing
Mar 13th, 2023
  Maximilian Hahn-Klimroth
The Cut Metric for Probability Distributions
Feb 6th, 2023

Noela Müller
The Hitting Time of Clique Factors
Feb 6th, 2023


Vittorio Bilò
Hedonic Games with Fixed-Size Coalitions
Jan 9th, 2023


Michelle Luise Döring
Margin of Victory for Weighted Tournament Solutions
Jan 9th, 2023


Nick Gravin
Online Stochastic Optimization
Dec 5th, 2022

  Giovanna Varricchio
New Fairness Notions for Resource Allocation
 Dec 5th, 2022

Daniel Allendorf
Algorithms for Non-Linear Preferential Attachment
Oct 10th, 2022


Maurice Rolvien
The Full Rank Condition for Sparse Random Matrices
 Sep 19th, 2022


Frank Krauss
Introducing JUNE - an open-source epidemiological simulation
Sep 12th, 2022